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We provide next generation IP infrastructure and prototyping.

Customer Focused

Adding-value, that goes beyond traditional services.

User Experience

Creating a path that is intuitive to use.

Scale Backbone

And powerful enough to generate sustainable returns.


Yocto, Pico, Nano and Micro Entrepreneurship.

IP Portfolio by Tyner Group

Over the course of the last few years, we've refined a portfolio of prototypes that serve as a basis for internal expansion and as a showcase:

  • Everything from 3D printing to architecture
  • Designed for the trend-setter
  • An important facet of Tyner Group's scale
  • Using lean and agile methodologies Scale your IP assets

All in the cloud, letting you do what you do best.

Intangible One was made to be an affordable product, with the entrepreneur and small business in mind. Our software delivers:

Research and Reporting

Get the latest information about your existing or new IP.

Protection and Screening

After you acquire an asset, protect and and screen with ease.


Apply and secure your trademark, copyright or patent, electronically.


Receive event and networking deals, and other super premium benefits.


Plans and Pricing for

Get your IP optimised for a couple cups of coffee a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

Why Tyner Group?

We make leading edge innovation possible and provide an affordable approach to increasing the valuation of next generation IP.

Who Are We?

Founder, Ian Tyner, Entrepreneur. Chief Intellectual Property Officer, James Carstensen, IP Professional. Advisor, Michel Gschwendtner, IP Expert.

How Do We Do It?

Using a proprietary algorithm and creativity, we’re able to traverse intellectual property as the leader in the industry.

Where Are We Located?

We are a remote team located around the world, with operations grounded in London, UK and Dubai, UAE.

What Does the Future of IP Look Like?

Tomorrow is developing faster then most can keep up, which is why Tyner Group is at the forefront of the market space.

When Is My New IP Value Realised?

With the right formulation, you should get insight immediately and additional monetary returns every month.

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